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Plastic Core

Starting with the FWP cores, we have variety of cores with different usages.
To wind film, there are paper, metallic (for example Stainless core, SUS core and Aluminum core etc.), and resin cores are mainly used. We have rich variation of the cores which meet the needs of film converter industries.


  • Superior light weight, Surface roughness, and durable
  • Clean, chemical resistant, heat resistant and non-conductive
  • Resistant to high temperature and humidity
  • Reuse (repairable)

Our cores have a good reputation with winding optics and all kinds of films such as base films.


  • Clean
  • Rich variations of thickness
  • Possible to recycle as revival resin.
  • Chemical resistant, reasonable cost.(PE)
  • Electronic material, medicine and the food use

Used to carry films

PP Core

  • Thick Core (Paper Core substitution)
  • Possible to recycle as revival resin
  • Chemical resistant

Used at film manufacturing production line

LIM typed Core (ABS)

  • Ultra-precise
  • Suitable for winding a LiB separator film
  • Standard inner size is 3 inches with the outside diameter of, 6, 8 and 9 inch
  • Up to 300mm of length is possible to manufacture

Used as a core for preventing curls while winding the film

Other Core

  • Carbon FWP(FRP) Core (Ultra-precise and durable)
  • Double shell Core (prevent curl while winding the film)
  • FP,FN6 CORE (Paper manufacturing)
  • Phenolic Resin Core
  • Glass Tape and Resin Core (GTR Core)

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